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2016 рік - рік англійської мови. Матеріали вчителів англійської мови

Ukraine is our Motherland

Motto:“You may choose everything in the world

But you can never choose your Motherland”.

Vasyl Symonenko


  • To activate lexis on the topic; to develop communicative skills;
  • To deepen pupils’ knowledge about the native country;
  • To cultivate love to our Motherland;
  • To teach children to respect their native country, to love their native places.

Aids: a map of Ukraine, national symbols, proverbs, embroidered towels, Ukrainian souvenirs, pictures.


  1. Introduction

T. Good morning, dear friends. I’m pleased to see you at our lesson. I hope you are fine and will have wonderful minutes of communication.

Our today’s lesson is devoted to our native country, Ukraine. Do we know our land, do we love it? What does it mean to be a patriot? We’ll discuss these questions today.

  1. Warming up

T. Let’s remember the words which we often use to speak about different countries and their inhabitants. Listen the definition and name the word:

1. Someone who lives in a particular town, country or state who legally belongs to a country and has rights and responsibilities there (a citizen).

2. It is an area of land that is controlled by its own government, president, king, etc.(a country or a state).

3. It is the country where you were born and to which you feel a strong emotional connection (Motherland).

4. It is a moral or legal duty to do something (an obligation).

5. Someone who loves his country and is willing to defend it (a patriot).

6. We celebrate this national holiday on August, 24(Independence Day).

III. Main Part

1. Brainstorming

T. Patriotism is love or devotion to one’s country. The word comes from the Greek “patris” meaning “fatherland”. However, patriotism has had different meanings over time, and its meaning is highly dependent upon context, geography, and philosophy. What does it mean to love your Motherland?

- To be ready to defend it;

- To be true son of it;

- To know its history and think about its future;

- To continue our traditions and customs;

- To be kind and honest;

- To love nature and defend it;

- To pray for it.

2. Group work

Comment on quotations:

  1. “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.” (George Bernard Show)
  2. “He, who loves not his country, can love nothing” (George Byron)
  3. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” (John F. Kennedy)

3. Microphone

T. Real patriots know their country. Do you know Ukraine? Answer the questions:

1. What is the name of theancient Slavic state? (Kyiv Rus)

2. Did our ancestors believe in one god or in many gods? (many)

3. How many regions does Ukraine consist of? (24)

4. What are the national Ukrainian symbols? (a flag, a trident, an anthem)

5. Who was the author of “Testament”? (T. Shevchenko)

6. Where are the heaviest rainfalls in Ukraine, in the West or in the South? (in the West)

7. When was Independence Day of Ukraine proclaimed? (24 August1991)

8. Who was the first president of Ukraine? (L. Kravchuk)

9. What are the main rivers of Ukraine? (the Dnipro, the Buh, the Dnister, the Danube)

10. Who founded Kyiv? (Kyi, Shcheck and Khoriv)

T. A lot of people like travelling. Think and name some reasons for travelling to Ukraine.

Start like this:

People travel to Ukraine…


4. Role play

T. Our British pen-friends came to visit our country. They arrived to airport in Kyiv yesterday. Now they are guests in our school and they ask you to tell them about our Homeland (Guests are pupils of the 7th form).

P1. My dear friends,

I’d like to speak of land

In which your must defend

The slightest bend.

P2. Where spreading is the step,

Where’s done the first your step,

Where mother’s shortest nap

Was broken by your joyful clap.

P1. Sweet Ukraine, I can’t explain, how very much you mean to me.

Blue sky, golden grain, you are everything I dreamed that you would be.

P2. 20 years ago our state was called the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist republic.

Finally, the historical name of Ukraine was given back to our country after declaring its independence in 1991.

T. Please, look at the map

The pupils beside the map tell about the following:

  1. geographical position of Ukraine, its population;
  2. the territory of the country;
  3. the rivers;
  4. its flora and animal world.


  1. Roundtable

Our guests have some questions.

  1. What are the largest cities of Ukraine?
  2. What do the blue and yellow colours of the flag symbolize?(the blue is sky above the golden grain field)
  3. Why was the trident chosen as the emblem of Ukraine? (3 points of the trident symbolize the trinity of life: father, mother and a child. They symbolize Might, Wisdom and Love, respectively. The trident is a symbol of power, it is about 1,000 years)
  4. I have read that plant symbols of Ukraine are snowball tree and a willow. What do they symbolize?

(A snowball tree symbolized courage and strong will of people who gave their blood for our Motherland. The seeds of a snowball look like a heart. The legends say that the seeds symbolize hearts of girls who gave their lives in the struggle against Turkish invaders. The snowball is often associated with girls and it is a symbol of our native land, parents’ home. People in Ukraine always planted their yards with them. Snowball can help people when they are ill – we eat its berries and drink its juice when we catch cold. It is widely used in medicine).

(The willow symbolizes long, endless life. People believe that the willow can drive off all the evil forces from people and animals. The branches of willow are blessed on the Willow Sunday in church. People always took water for drinking under the willow – it was always cold, pure and tasty. It can help people when they are ill – the leaves and bark are widely used in medicine).

  1. We have seen a lot of embroidered things in Ukraine: towels, blouses, shirts. Is embroidery your national craft? (It’s really so. Our country is famous for its national craft especially for embroidery. My granny’s hobby is embroidery. You can see there her towels. Ukrainian embroidered towels are well known in many countries.)

P. We have prepared for an exhibition of Ukrainian crafts works. You can see pysankas (coloured Easter’s eggs), some wooden souvenirs, ceramics, plates, spoons, vases. There are some pupils’ pictures “I love Ukraine”.

T. I know some our guests like plays and music. The 5th formers are looking for our invitation.

A dialogue “Where are you from?”A girl is from Ukraine and a boy is from the UK.

G. Oh, hi, glad to meet you!

B. Hi, nice to meet you too.

G. My name is Ann. What’s your name?

B. My name is Nick.

G. Where are you from, Nick?

B. I’m from the UK.

G. And what part of Great Britain do you live in? Do you live in London?

B. No, I don’t. I live in Leeds, it’s not far from London. And where do you live?

G. I’m from Kyiv region, Ivankiv district.

G. “Jazz Chant”

I’m from Ukraine and

I’m proud of it.

I’m from Ukraine and

I’m proud of it.

I’m from Ukraine and

I’m proud of it.

Right you are, right you are.

T. Do you know the 5th formers prepared an interesting play for us?

The Turnip

Characters: the turnip, grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, the dog, the cat, the mouse.

Once upon a time there was a big turnip in a kitchen garden. (Grandfather sees a big turnip)

Grandfather: Oh, what a big turnip we have in our kitchen garden. I want to pull it out (pulls the turnip). One, two, three! It’s too big for me. Granny, granny! Come here! Help me, please.

Grandmother: All right, grandfather. I’m coming.

Granddad and Granny: (are pulling together)One, two, three! It’s too big for us. Granddaughter, help us, please.

Granddaughter: All right. I’m coming. I want too pull it out too.

All together: One, two, three! Oh, it’s too big for us. Dog, dog, come here! Help us, please!

The dog: All right. I’m coming. I want to pull it out too.

All together: One, two, three! Oh, it’s too big for us. Cat, cat, come here! Help us, please!

The cat: All right, I’m coming. I want to pull it out too.

All together: One, two, three! Oh, it’s too big for us. Mouse, mouse, come here! Help us, please!

Mouse: All right, I’m coming. I want to pull it out too.

All together: One, two, three! (pulling out) Oh, what a big turnip we have. 

The turnip: Hello! I’m Turnip. How are you? I’m very glad to see you!

All together: Hello! We are very glad to see you too.

The end

T. Ukrainian people are really talented. They love their native land and create poems and songs about their Motherland. Let’s listen to some of them.

We live in Ukraine

We live in Ukraine, a beautiful land

It’s home for me and you, my friend.

Its towns and villages are so nice,

Ukrainian people are wise.

Ukrainians are at home

In Kyiv and Cherkasy,

And the English are at home

In London and Newcastle.

The Italians are at home

In Venice and in Rome,

People can be happy

When they are at home.

You can go to the East,

You can go to the West,

But at home it is better,

But at home is the best!

T. What is the main idea of the poem?

All together: “East or West – home is the best!”


Love your dear Motherland,

Love it with your whole heart.

Love Ukraine when the days are happy,

Love it when they are dark.

Cherish your mother-tongue,

Cherish your family route,

Never stop thinking on your parents,

And make their life good.

Love Ukraine

LoveUkraine, love it like the sun,

Like the wind and grass, and water…

In the hour of happiness and in the time of joy,

Love it in the hour of misfortune.

Love Ukraine in your dream

And when you are awake,

Your cherish – like Ukraine,

Its beauty, live and new,

And its language like that of the nightingale.

T. As a present, some songs for you.

IV. Summing up

T. Our time comes to the end. We learned interesting facts about Ukraine and its symbols, discussed different problems, but the main thing we have learned is that we love our dear Ukraine. It’s our task to make it beautiful, powerful and the best country in the world. Let’s be real patriots of Ukraine. We are really glad that we are Ukrainians.

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