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2016 рік - рік англійської мови. Матеріали вчителів англійської мови


             (FORM   5)

Objectieves: to activate students’ speaking skills; to revise the vocabulary on the topic; to practice pupils’ skills in pair work; to develop pupils’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, their logical thinking, creative abilities, imagination; 

Visual Aids: the map of Ukraine, Ukrainian’s state symbols, cards with tasks, pictures.



T. Good morning, dear friends! Glad to see you. How are you? At our lesson today we’ll  speak about Ukraine. It is our last lesson on the topic. You’ll show how you can use words in your speech. You’ll make up dialogs and show your projects. I wish you good luck.

Warming up

T. Now tell me please, where are you from? If you know any poems about Ukraine, recite them.


You can go to the East, you can go to the West

But at home it is better, but at home is the best.


We live in Ukraine, a wonderful land.

It’s home for you and me, my friend.

Its towns and villages are so nice.

The Ukrainian people are friendly and wise.


 My native land, the land of wonders, 

Of autumn rains and summer thunders,

The tender breeze, romantic dales.,

The  greenest fields and magic lakes,

Amazing land  -  Ukraine.



         I can sing all day long a Ukrainian song.

            Mother’s favourite song, granny’s favourite song,

            Mother’s favourite song, granny’s favourite song.

            I can sing all day long a Ukrainian song.


            My native land is so beautiful and free.

            My land is dearest I can see.

            When down the river I can boating

            And birds are flying high above,

            I hear a song, and it is flowing

            To those trees, the land I love.



T. Who knows more words on the topic?

Write as many words as you can in one minute. (Group work)

            Translate into English.

  • Багато звичаїв
  • День Незалежності
  • Незалежна країна
  • Працьовиті люди
  • Національний герой
  • Столиця України
  • Національна емблема України
  • Рідне село
  • Наша Батьківщина

Make up your own sentences with new words.

Fill in the sentences with the words from the box.

Famous, capital, independence, spring, national,hard-worring,Europe, independent

  1. Kyiv is the   …   of Ukraine.
  2. Easter is a …  holiday.
  3. The Ukrainians are  …  people.
  4. The 24th of August is the  …  Day of Ukraine.
  5. Ukraine is the centre of  … .
  6. Taras Shevchenko is a  …  poet of our country.
  7. Ukraine is an  …  state.
  8. The Dnipro is the longest   …  in Ukraine.


Listen to the text about Kyiv and be ready to do some tasks.


            Kyiv is the capital of our country. It is the largest city in Ukraine. More than three million people live there. Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. It stands on the Dnieper. In 1982 we celebrated its 1500 anniversary. In Kyiv there are many museums, theatres, monument, cinemas, libraries and palaces. Millions of tourists enjoy St. Sophia Cathedral, the Golden Gate, the monument to B. Khmelnytskyi, the churches of Lavra, the Shevchenko  national University. People like to walk along Khreschatyk. They like the main street of the capital because it is nice and green. We are proud of our capital.                             

            Mark the true sentences.

  1. Kyiv is not very large city.
  2. Kyiv stands on the Dnieper.
  3. Kyiv is a modern city.
  4. Kyiv is more than 1550 years old.
  5. Tourists like to visit Kyiv.
  6. We can see the Golden Gate in Kyiv.


            Hands up! Hands  to the sides!

            Hands down! Hands up!

            Clap, clap, clap your hands as slowly as you can.

            Clap, clap, clap your hands as quickly as you can.

            Roll, roll, roll your hands as slowly as you can.

            Roll, roll, roll your hands as quickly as you can.

            Rub, rub, rub your hands as slowly as you can.

            Rub, rub, rub your hands as quickly as you can.

            Shake, shake, shake your hands as slowly as you can.

            Shake, shake, shake your hands as quickly as you can.

            Sit down.





T. Two pupils prepared quiz about Ukraine. Answer their questions.


  1. Where are you from?
  2. How many regions are there in Ukraine?
  3. What region do we live in?
  4. What is the capital of our Motherland?
  5. What famous Ukrainians do you know?


  1. Where is Ukraine?
  2. What is its territory?
  3. What is the population of our country?
  4. What big cities of Ukraine do you know?
  5. What are the Ukrainian’s holidays?

T. There are some situations. Choose one of them and make up dialogues.

                                               SITUATION  1

You spent your summer holidays in Kyiv last year. Your friend has never  been to the capital.



-Where were you last summer?

-In Kyiv.

-Oh, it’s great. Did you have a good time  there?

-Of course I did. I must say Kyiv is very beautiful in summer.

-What did you see there?

-I saw Kyiv-Pechersk Monastery, St. Sophia Cathedral, monument to B. Khmelnytskyi.

-Lucky you are. Did you take photos?

-A lot. I’ll show them to you tomorrow.

-O.K. Good-bye.

                        SITUATION 2

You are in the summer camp. Your new friend wants to know about the country you live in.


-Hello! Where are you from?

-I’m from Ukraine.

-Ukraine? Where is it?

-It is in the centre of Europe.

-Is Ukraine a large country?

-Yes, it is the second largest country in Europe.

-What is the capital of Ukraine?

-Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.

-What is your flag like?

-It is blue and yellow.

-I’d like to visit Ukraine.

-You are welcome.

T.  Now it’s time for your projects. (Group work) 

  • Project1: We are proud of Kyiv.
  • Project2: Famous Ukrainians.
  • Project3: My native village.



T. Did you like our lesson? What was interesting for you at our lesson today? You were very active today and try to do your best. You worked hard. That’s why your marks are …

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